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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Twinkle Toes

So, the wee one isn't so wee anymore, and it's hard for us to keep shoes on her rapidly expanding feet. We had just used up the majority of our clothes budget when Peppity-Pepster hit another growth spurt. Gak! We took a trip to the local D.I. and picked up 7 pairs of slightly used shoes in varying sizes (so as not to be in the same predicament in 2 more months) for only 24 bucks. Heck yes!

Although the shoes were all in good condition, there was a hideous pair of shiny white taps that were begging for adornment:

So, I gave it the ole' one-two with the chunky glitter and glue. I'm digging the gold trend these days, and although I'm not big on the brassy gold, I absolutely love the gentle champagne gold, which is what I used for these shoes. It's a little elegant and a little sassy with just enough joviality to work for a toddler who literally runs everywhere she goes. (No wonder she stays so thin!)

Also, P.S., do you like the way her leggings are tucked into her socks? I know, I'm the coolest mom ever. Gotta offset the trendiness somehow.


  1. can't believe how much Pepper's grown! what a great idea to revitalize the shoes! Wish I had an ounce of your creativity.

    I did once spray paint some old scuffed Sunday shoes silver for a wedding the girls and I were going to. I was pretty proud of myself then. ^_^

    (By the way, this is Danny, your old roommate.)

  2. Danny, I miss your face. Spray painting is a great idea too! Maybe I'll try a combination of spray paint and glitter next time.