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Friday, December 18, 2015

One Million Cookies

Guys. We've been making cookies for the past two months straight for a family wedding. All good things, all good things, but I will not be making any cookies for the 2016 calendar year. Firstly, I'm all sugared out until the end of time, and secondly, the leftovers (of which there are many) are still sitting in our freezers.

I say 'our freezers' because I was not alone in this quest. My sweet little Pepper was more than happy to help out. And, my mom and sisters have also been baking their brains out. It may have been many late nights, but the results were unarguably worth it.

I made tags for all the cookies (because heaven knows the worst thing when you're expecting chocolate chips is to discover raisins instead!) using the Mini Minc from Heidi Swapp. I printed the tags off on my toner printer and ran them through the machine with lovely gold foil. Lickety-split!

All in all, we made 17 different kinds of cookies, quadrupled or octupled every recipe, and I personally filled at least a dozen gallon freezer bags with baked goods. I wish I had counted exactly how many cookies we made, because we would have impressed ourselves, I think. However, I think that approximately one million is a safe guess!

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