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Friday, December 11, 2015

How To Freeze Corn

I have fond childhood memories spent at my grandparents' house helping my aunts and uncles and parents freeze enormous batches of corn each year. This year I decided to give it a try, because no canned or store-bought corn ever tastes quite as scrumptious as when you cook it fresh yourself. Here's how:

Get a couple of big pots of water boiling. In my youth, there was so much corn we would use canning pots, but for our little family, a couple of stock pots were enough for us.

While those puppies are heating up, shuck your corn. We had a four-year-old helping us, so our corn was extra hairy. Mmmmm. We're cool with that because we prefer a helping child over smooth corn kernels. Hopefully next year it will improve.

Next, put your shucked corn in the boiling water for 10 minutes. Don't forget about displacement. Plan for it, folks. Bill Nye gave a memorable lesson on that here.

Once the time is up and they've reached a bright happy yellow, pull out the cooked ears.

If you're an Amazon warrior, need your fingerprints to disappear, or have mom fingers, go ahead a start slicing the corn off. Or, if you value your phalanges, wait for those suckers to cool a bit before slicing off the kernels. (Not to brag, but I totally have mom fingers, so I started slicing right away. Just kidding. That was definitely a brag.)

Then, bag the sliced kernels and pop in the freezer for quick, fresh-tasting mealtime happiness.

Have you ever done this before? It took us maybe 1 1/2 hours from start to finish with roughly 4 dozen ears, and we ended up with about 8 quart bags sitting in our freezer. It's surprisingly easy when you aren't trying to do this for 40 people.

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