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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Our First Real Family Vacation in the History of Ever

We took our first real family vacation in the history of ever. Lest you think I'm crazy for saying such things even though we run amuck all the time, let me explain. 

Kirk and I have been on plenty of vacations together, and although he and I are technically a family, we haven't been on family vacations, ya' know? More like young lover/adventurer vacations sans children (pre-family vacations?). And, since the arrival of our bundle of joy, we've vacationed in plenty of places with our extended families, but nowhere just the three of us. Although the three of us have been camping together as well, overnighting it doesn't really constitute as a family vacation in my mind either.

So, as I was saying, we took our first real family vacation ever. As in, made plans, packed up the car, drove for hours, stayed overnight for a few days, and gallivanted around the premises.

This vacation was different because of that goofy child, naturally, but it was amazing nevertheless. We just had to make sure we threw in enough things that she enjoys to make it worth her while. So, that meant that we swam lots in the pools at the condo (the hub of our week's wanderings) and stopped by a playground at least once a day to fill her soul. We also went on lots of walks and read books on the longer car trips.

Bless her heart, she did pretty well.

That being said, her car seat has been permanently moved to behind the passenger seat, because getting kicked in the back for 5 hours while driving took all the patience I could muster and my stockpile of patience is now non-existent.

I'm in awe of our parents for taking us kids on frequent vacations. Multiple children. Tiny car. Smelly diapers. Freeway-side potty breaks. The works. As a parent, family trips are not restful by any means. It's sometimes just more work. However, it was so good for our family that we're determined to make time for at least one family vacation every summer. How in the world did our parents do it? That's what I'd like to know. What drove them to such madness?


  1. Robyn and I are at Lake Tahoe right now. I spent the morning sitting in the hot tub gazing out at the beautiful lake. I just learned this is not a family vacation, but I'm very much enjoying our young lover/adventurer vacation.

    Looking back on my childhood, we didn't do a lot of travelling. I can only imagine how much work/cost there was to take all 5 kids on vacation. I guess that's why there wasn't lots of it. I'm glad you enjoyed your first family vacation even if it was a lot of work.

    1. Jeff, your young lover/adventurer vacation sounds heavenly! Traveling together is a great family tradition, even if it's a lot of work.