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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Freezer Meals Fiasco

My sisters and I got together with my mama to make freezer meals, which is something we do about twice a year. What we do is dedicate an entire weekend only to making food, which we package and freeze for quick access when we may not have time to make everything fresh on the spot. It also helps us be prepared for delicious meals if anyone we know needs quick assistance with a meal. We're getting pretty good at it, but the sheer volume makes it feel like a fiasco:

(Yes, those are massive quantities of lasagna, granola, and chicken noodle soup. We 9x each recipe, to get enough for everyone who was helping out.)

Self-reliance rocks. It was a tremendous amount of work, but it's totally worth it for us. The tally for the weekend is as follows:

5 quarts of marinated teriyaki turkey
3 gallon bags of cinnamon rolls and 1 bag of cream cheese frosting
3 dozen muffins
6 quarts of chicken noodle soup
2 pans of mini cheddar meatloaf
4 quarts of sweet and sour chicken
6 quarts of broccoli soup
4 quarts of Hawaiian meatballs
9 quarts of granola
3 gallon bags of rolls
2 quarts of beef and broccoli
2 pans of sour cream potatoes
2 pans of lasagna
2 pans of enchiladas
2 pans of chicken cordon bleu and bags of sauce
4 quarts of hamburger soup

That's nearly 50 dishes for our family, and knowing that each of those can be used for at least two meals, I'm feeling pretty good about the amount of work that went into this. It's truly going to last our family all winter long.

This is not something that I could do on my own, but with the help of others, we accomplished a lot. What things in your life are best accomplished with a group instead of flying solo?


  1. Wow, that's hardcore! I need to get my family to do that!

  2. I took some serious time to track the numbers because I knew you, of all people, would appreciate them. I'm glad you like it.