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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Tuesday's Hike: Squaw Peak Trail

Following a sumptuous family BBQ, Daddy-O asked if I was going on a hike later in the day, which was his way of saying that he wanted to go on one. Always up for adventure, Baby Baxter suggested the Squaw Peak trail because she loved it so much the time before. Naturally, we took her expert hiking suggestion.

Things to know about this hike:
  • Coming down can be more difficult than going up because you have to carefully navigate the steep parts without slipping, but it can be done injury-free if you're an expert (Apparently only one out of five of us was an expert on this trip, and she ran the whole way back because she's crazy like that.)
  • Time: 40 minutes up, 40 down
  • Location: Provo (access through Provo Canyon)
  • Difficulty: moderate
  • Hazards: loose rocks and gravel on the steep and narrow parts of the trail (wear soft things in your back pockets for extra padding when you land on your tookus)

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