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Friday, July 15, 2011

Tuesday's Hike: Battle Creek Falls

P Double-B loves hiking and wanted to introduce her aunt and uncle to a trail they haven't been on before, so she took them on the trail to Battle Creek Falls. Fret not. We luckily got back to the car just as the sun was going down, so we didn't encounter any ghosts.

Things to know about this hike:
  • The trail head starts at the historic site of the first settler-Native American conflict in Utah Valley, so if you're into history, the location is of added interest
  • This hike is super family friendly, but keep them away from the fast water
  • The trail continues past the falls, so add that to your adventures list
  • Time: 20 minutes up, 15 down
  • Location: Pleasant Grove
  • Difficulty: easy-peasy lemon squeezy
  • Hazards: rock slides, wild rose bushes, water running through the trail when the creek is too high, and skinwalkers who haunt the canyon at night

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