"A (wo)man should hear a little music, read a little poetry, and see a fine picture every day of (her)his life in order that worldly cares may not obliterate the sense of beautiful God has implanted in the human soul."- Goethe

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Cry, The Beloved Country

Here is a heart wrenching and beautiful story of strong family love, written by Alan Paton.

Themes to address when reading this piece include:
  • Race: the inevitable influence of Africa on people who visit and live there; breaking and rebuilding of tribes, clans, and family members; the native problem, native crime; benefiting vs. exploiting; dominant vs. submissive; customs
  • Division of Christianity: fear and survival vs. love, mercy, and compassion
  • Power: "The only power which can resist the power of fear is the power of love." and "When a man loves, he seeks no power. Then he has power."
  • Tragedy not of things broken in the first place, but of things not ever mended again
  • City vs. country living
  • "We are caught in the toils of our own selfishness."
  • Justice and mercy
  • "The Lord suffered not to prevent us from suffering but to teach us how to bear our suffering."

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