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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Golden Birthday! (Part One)

It was my golden birthday, so naturally, we threw a huge party to celebrate! It was quite the turnout, and we had a blast spending time with our family and friends. Thanks to everyone who came (some from out-of-state!) and made the party a fun one!

My sister made me a golden tutu to wear. I also wore a tiara that I purchased at a dollar store and spray-painted gold. Needless to say, the outfit was a big hit! (Thanks, Anna!)

As you may know, we have a pretty awesome chalkboard wall in our house, and it was covered with birthday wishes both from literate guests, and ankle-biters, who were more interested in eating the chalk than drawing with it. There are some pretty charming drawings on our wall now, let me tell you:

We had a bunch of guessing jars that were set up: whoever's guess was closest to the amount of candy in the jar won the whole thing! Anna actually won three, so she got to pick which one she wanted the most and the people with the next-closest guesses walked away with the other two jars. I purchased several different-shaped vases from a thrift store, cleaned them out, filled them with golden candy, and topped with fabric, ribbon, and a freakin' cool seal that my friend, Jeana, designed especially for my party. Check out her blog at u-createparties.blogspot.com to see how awesome she is!

We also had a mix and mingle game available to anyone who wanted to play for a golden prize. I punched out these seals that Jeana G. designed (see above!) and slapped them on these candy bars:

There was also a prize given to the person who showed up wearing the most gold and bling! Spencer took the title with his fancy vinyl trench coat and sexy leggings. What do you think: is it a winning combination?

Kirk and I set up a photo booth complete with wacky props, and it has been lots of fun going through all of the photos on our camera from the party:

We had a rockin' good time, and are still trying to recover. More decoration details and photos to come!

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  1. I'm so glad you had a fabulous golden birthday! It was so fun to be able to hang out with you.