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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Latest Project

For the last few weeks, I've been working on an envelope pocket book for Alaina that she can take with her to the Philippines. There is an envelope for every month that she will be gone, which contains a journaling prompt that each person in our family has responded to. So, every month Alaina gets to pick a topic of choice then read 10 pieces of paper full of unsolicited advice on that topic.

The most difficult part was getting everyone to cooperate and turn in their responses on time. We didn't do too shabby, I have to say. Go team! This book wouldn't be such a gem if I was the only one who contributed to it, but it is quite the treasure trove with everyone's cooperation.

As far as the design is concerned, I kept it as simple as possible because this sucker needs to be travel-friendly--and will probably get thrashed--so no extra embellishments. Special thanks to Anna, who helped me put together the final touches on time. Thank you, thank you!

To make this 6" x 6" envelope book, I punched 3 holes in the bottom of each envelope for C-rings and reinforced the holes with clear reinforcement labels. I then covered the envelopes with paper. Just below each flap, I sewed 1 or 2 buttons to the paper as a flap-catch before gluing it down because I didn't want the journaling blocks to snag on anything inside the envelope itself. I wrote the appropriate journaling prompt on each envelope flap and inserted all corresponding responses from the family.

Bon voyage, Reina. We'll be thinking about you every day!

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