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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Quilt Progress

Progress is an overly generous way of saying 'it's out in our living space because that's the only way I'll remember to get around to finishing this dang thing.'

Here's the backstory. My husband is as tall as a sequoia. He has never had a bed he fits in since pretty much the age of 12, so we saved up our dineros and got ourselves a nice huge bed for Christmas last year. Yay! Merry Christmas to us! We also got sheets because we're civilized like that, but I'm a cheapskate so we didn't buy any quilts because I already have fabric for quilt making.

Fast forward to today. Yes, this year's Christmas is much closer to where we are in the calendar year than last year's Christmas is. We still have no blankets that fit our enormous and amazing bed. And why? Because the wind has been taken out of my sails. The fabric I originally picked was enough to make a smaller quilt, but this one needs to be huge. I had enough extra fabric that I could make a larger quilt from my cut-down supplies if I were careful. So, I changed the pattern in order to accommodate a larger quilt and not waste any fabric. That was a mistake. I pretty much just made up a pattern and wasted some precious surface area in testing it out. Then I realized too far in that not only is the pattern more complicated regarding dimensions, it also has more seams in it, so it won't be as large as it could be. A major disheartenment, for sure.

And yet, it still sits in its temporary-turned-permanent work station in the middle of our major living space, hoping someone will pay it some attention. I knew the situation was dire when Kirk asked if I'd show him how to use the machine so he could work on the quilt too. He would do a great job, guaranteed, but I haven't even taken the time to show him how to use it either.

With the cooler months knocking on our front door, the time has come to finish this eternal project. Here's to second winds...starting next week.

For now, we are focusing on other shenanigans around here, like putting the finishing touches on our booth! My art will be for sale this weekend at the Beehive Bazaar in Provo starting tomorrow. There are some great local vendors there as well as a food truck roundup on Thursday night, so check it out!

Then, a second wind.

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