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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Fun Run

Our family has been doing fun runs together for the last year, and supporting one another in the longer runs for the last several years. Luckily for us, ever since we introduced Pepper to running since the wee age of 2, she has gobbled it right up and joined the ranks of runners. She's a race-running veteran already, and it makes us happy to feed her interest in the sport. Plus, I think her long legs might help her out with that a bit (after all, she did get a double dose of that gene!)

One of our local schools hosted a fun run fundraiser, which is something we are down with supporting. I made it to the race just in time to watch them cross the finish line so proudly:

Pepper ran the whole way, but when she saw the finish line up ahead, she thought it would be better to be pushed in the stroller instead, haha! Arriving in comfort, that's what our girl's all about. (The reason we take the stroller with us in the first place is to make sure she doesn't wear herself out too much. It's just funny to us to see when she prefers to use it.) Her favorite part, though, wasn't the race hype or popsicle at the end as a reward, it was meeting "that guy with the antlers on his head and the crazy red beard":

He's not the official school mascot, it's only a student's impassioned dad who likes to ham it up, but we couldn't begrudge her a character photo.

We love running together, especially after testing it out a few times to make sure the kid actually enjoys it. We already know she has a natural talent for it, but we don't want to push her into something she won't continue to love. And when we do things together as a family, she tends to love it more.

What things do you like to do with your family to encourage the development of their natural talents?

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