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Friday, May 1, 2015

Graveyard Hunting In Sunnyside

You may or may not know of our love for cemeteries, and with Kirk's skillz in family history, we get to take some pretty fascinating trips to hunt down resting places. Our latest cemetery adventure found us in the middle of Nowhere, Utah, in a tiny little mining town called Sunnyside:

Alas, we did not find the headstone we were searching for, but we assumed there might not be one since the internment was a rush job and happened like 100 years ago. We did, however, enjoy the quietude of a tiny town lodged up against a sun bleached mesa. The place gives off a very desperate vibe, which caught me off guard a little. It was interesting to see who decided to make such a place their home. There must have been a lot of Polish and Greek immigrants to the area when it was established, which surprised me at first, but made sense after I thought about it.

Also, please note, should you ever travel there, that the cemetery has more poop in it than I've ever seen in my life! There have got to be rabbits and sheep and mountain goats all over the place. In fact, I'm pretty sure the rabbits dug their dens around and through some old wooden coffins. We eventually just gave up trying to dodge the crap, it was that bad. But, for recompense, there was a school nearby with a playground, and all our poop troubles were forgotten there.

I love the character each individual cemetery has, and I love how a collection of a group of people can tell a story without speaking just as a single headstone can often tell its own story with a few numbers. So many stories to tell, guys.

Do you have a favorite cemetery that's loaded with character?

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