"A (wo)man should hear a little music, read a little poetry, and see a fine picture every day of (her)his life in order that worldly cares may not obliterate the sense of beautiful God has implanted in the human soul."- Goethe

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Card Swap and Giveaway

Earlier this month, I got together with some of my favorite artists in the world for a good ole'-fashioned card swap. We each made a card then brought enough supplies for everyone else to make that card too, and I couldn't be happier with the results:

So, one of the best things about being in a card swap with professional scrapbooking artists (I kid you not, it's a real thing!) is that you're guaranteed to come away with gorgeous artwork sporting all the newest embellishments. Nicely played, ladies!

The question for you now, is: can you guess which card out of the bunch I designed?

If you said the "hip-hip-hooray" one, you're right! The design was so simple, that I wanted to make it available in multiple colors, and they all look great, although the teal is my favorite. (Don't cry, purple, one day you will also get a turn being my favorite color.) Meanwhile, check out what they look like in different colors:

It would tickle me pink to spread the card love! Leave a comment by midnight, December 10th, for your chance to win a hip-hip-hooray card of your own, in one of the three colors pictured above.

Hooray! And good luck!


  1. Hip hip hooray for Laura! :) I love the cards - such an awesome thing to do with other professionals....I'm not sure why you wouldn't like to do the card swap thing with our family....ha ha.

  2. Those cards are really cute. Good work!

  3. You rock at everything you touch!!!! The cards are darling!!!

  4. Of course I think they are all awesome!