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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Color This Bear Coloring Contest

Guys, around here we have been stricken with the plague. It's been an all-hands-on-deck situation over here, but it's finally under control, we've finally gotten enough sleep, and we're most likely not contagious anymore. All good things. We've had a lot happening in the last little while, and I'm excited to share some of our latest adventures! One of which involves this wild guy:

Right now I'm hosting a coloring contest of the grolar bear illustration I made. If you have caught the grown-up coloring book bug, this will be a fun contest for you, friend! It's running on Instagram, and here are the details:

1. Download the bear coloring page for an amazing introductory rate before it goes up to full price April 15. Secret pricing rewards for friends. That's how I roll.
2. Print it up and color like there's no tomorrow! I have some fun treatments to show you and can't wait to see what you can come up with too.
3. Post your creation all over Instagram using #colorthisbear.
4. You get a bonus entry for each post using the hashtag #colorthisbear and for each person you tag in those posts!
5. A winner will be randomly picked from the entries. Will you be the lucky person?
6. If you win, you get to pick your favorite animal to be turned into a similarly-styled coloring page! How neat is that?

This contest runs through March and into April. A winner will be selected April 15 because coloring takes time, right? I can't wait to see what lovely things you have in store for this little guy!

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