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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Shelves and Shelves and Santa's Elves

Now that Christmas is over I can finally post some more gifts we've been making around here. There's no sense in spoiling a surprise, right?

Well, today I wanted to share some self-rotating food storage shelves that my siblings, siblings-in-law, Kirk and I made for my parents. We measured their built-in storage shelves and made rotating ones specifically to fit inside the preexisting ones. You should have heard us building these, it really was like Santa's toy factory with everyone pitching in measuring, sawing, nailing, clamping, and gluing. What a pleasant and productive mess we made! I'm pretty sure we finally got all the wood glue off of the carpet.

All-in-all, we made 8 shelves in two different sizes. My favorite feature, by far, is the chalkboard label on each shelf for quick and changeable reference. Fun, no?

Yes, beans are a staple in any Nielson household. You shouldn't be surprised by that.

It was a labor of love, I tell you what. Hours and hours were put into making these, but everyone was patient enough to follow through until this huge project was finished. Teamwork is a beautiful thing, don't you think? I'd love to hear about a time when teamwork made happy memories for you. Please share!


  1. Oooh make some for me next! Pretty Please?! Great work! And yes I do love the chalkboard signs. Genius!

  2. Great storage idea, Laura! And cute too! I do recall being part of a pretty great team of artists that included you! :) Hope all is going really well in UT!