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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Mathsters of the Universe

For those who know my mother, you probably already know the kinds of good ideas she always has rolling around in her brain. For those who don't know my mother, know that she has all kinds of brilliant and fun ideas rolling around in her brain.  As an elementary teacher, she's always looking for exciting ways to help her students love learning.

Mathsters of the Universe is an idea she's wanted to execute for a while for a math unit, so I drew these anatomically-incorrect personifications of numbers  and math symbols to help her out. Because she's going to be making copies and will need to re-size the images, I kept the designs as simple outlines, which also allows her to pick and choose the colors she's going to use each time she whips these babies out. Artistically, these drawings aren't the greatest, but they work for her needs, and she loves them because she's my mom and she's supposed to.

This is a sampling of my mother's birthday present:

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