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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Those Crazy Nielsons!

This year, Kirk and I hosted what has become a favorite annual tradition for the Nielson Clan, our Crazy Halloween Dinner. Each year, Mom has made a theme, and we couldn't stop that fun this year, so our dinner theme was "Dr. Quack's Laboratory: Specializing in Experimental Concoctions." Of course, what is a Halloween without T-Bones and his well-dressed self? Looks like he chose the wrong elixir, poor guy.

Mom made favors and personalized epitaphs for each dinner guest, and some of them even rhyme!

Jenni re-decorated our blackboard in preparation for the event, and made a sufficiently spooky scene for a background for photos. I liked her use of a washcloth to get her ghostly effects. Very, very nice!

And believe you me, there were photos! Everyone's costume gets better and more elaborate every year, and Dad even smudged makeup on his face, whoa! Here's a mini fashion show of the great characters that showed up to our dinner: First up, Dr. Quack, of course...after all, it was quite the laboratory.

Next up, a frightening chainsaw murderer with a weed whacker instead...the mask glows in the dark, it turns out. How cool is that? I love things that glow in the dark!

Next, who could resist giving alms to this poor blind beggar man? It tugs at your heartstrings, doesn't it?

Following is the Queen of Nice, well-known and well-loved if not throughout the world, at least in our family.

This hairy man seems to show up in one form or another each year...wearing different disguises each time!

Presenting the fat family who got caught in the rain on the way over to the party, so they ended up being a fat soggy family with a sad wee one.

This colorful duo are aptly named Sacre Bleu and Gang Green. It even says so on their labels.

We has a special guest appearance of Richard Simmons, who kept accidentally popping out of his robe all night long to do outrageous aerobics. I heard someone say, "That shirt is too small!" To which Richard replied, "It's supposed to be!"

Lastly, but by all means, not leastly, Dan Druff decided to crash the Crazy Halloween Dinner as well. Those flakes were dehydrated potatoes, and I want to know...who comes up with this stuff? It was pretty clever.

We had a blast, and it was such a fun evening, rainstorm and all. Now all of the Halloween decorations are put away, which kind of makes me sad. It's such a fun holiday, and we're already planning things for next year!

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  1. Maybe you could adopt me next year I want to be in on all the fun! Cindee